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1,2,3 original music & lyrics all rights reservedCopyright Lisa Mick (renewed) 2013

Midge is lisa mick & paul grden. Original music that follows its own muse. Category-busting; don't-fence-me- in-ish. Bios:Lisa is a chamber musician who also writes and performs original music. She received a BA in classical piano performance, and likes this famous quote attributed to Prokofiev: "Playing the greats is always a joy and is suitably humbling* as well."Paul is an all-round music ace who can improv with the best of the best on multiple instruments, and score a symphony if need-be. His main instrument of choice is guitar.Midge currently has about 100 working originals, and they plan to record and release about 50 of them. Probably about 10 at a time (#whatisanalbumorcd), or possibly one at a time (#whatisasingleor45).#newmath*Humility is an ancient emotion that was once considered a virtue .... I know. WTF, right?For robot keyword spy-profiling Hal 2013 purposes: rock, folk, anti-folk, indie, alt, post-alt, alt-country, altalt, too-alt-for-alt, buzz y, wave y, vibe y, lounge y, outsider-art, bossa nova -lovin, jazz ish, bluegrass- y, diy, inDIY, & whathaveyou.New CD to be released on ?-?-201?: titled: "Welcome To The Postfuture"

Why. Hello! And WELCOME !MIDGE has been on performance hiatus & has also been taking some time away from various cyberspaces. Luckily, this website is slated to be updated-- within *the* month!!! In the meantime, how about a classic? (For maximum enjoyment, you may wish to Adjust Your Device Volume, or AYDV with each selection. (Volumes vary.) Also please to enjoy midge original song selections in blackbox. Now playing #1. Then relax & have a cordial or a slo gin fizz as we live-practice-run through Summertime

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Hear more live gig & 1-take vocal DIY Studio stuff below & on other pages

Bring It

Spring 2011, Still Standing

The Scenic Route

1. But Not For You

Spring 2011, Still Standing

Live gig performance ofThe Gift

All the World

just so you know