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1,2,3 original music & lyrics all rights reservedCopyright Lisa Mick (renewed) 2014

Midge is lisa mick & paul grden. They record and perform original music.Descriptive cyberspace keywords that may accurately apply include such adjectives and nouns as:rock, folk, low-fi, indie, alt, post-alt, alt-country, altalt, outsider-art, bossa nova, jazz, bluegrass, diy, inDIY, & whathaveyou.Lisa is a classical pianist & songwriter.Paul is an all-round music ace. His main instrument is guitar.Midge currently has about 100 original songs in the official Midge archives, along with a plan to record and release about 50 of them. New CD to be released on ?-?-201?: titled: "Welcome To The Postfuture"

Why. Hello! And WELCOME to the midge site!

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Bring It

Spring 2011, Still Standing

The Scenic Route

1. But Not For You

Spring 2011,

Live gig performance ofWater

All the World

just so you know