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If you've seen us perform or heard our music, or are interested in doing so via recording or otherwise, please send a note with your particulars. Be sure to include your contact info (email, phone, or other) in the text of your note. Your email address will not be posted, and your message will be sent privately to Midge.EMERGENCY UPDATE 11-9-08 * If you've written & not heard back from Midge Inc, it is most likely due to an internet or worldwideweb *glitch.* Nowadays, what with digital electronic cyber cyborg hologram spamfilters & Bill Gates all up in everybody's business, sometimes the robots try to outsmart us. Luckily we're onto them & have a failproof mechanical backup plan right here on the site:The "guestbook" page shows your email as soon as it goes through. If you still have trouble contact (That uses a helper-monkey who's been pretty reliable so far.)xo

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