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"I really enjoyed your performance....Many of your songs have a dream-like quality that enhances their power.I love your website in all its splendid colors and features, which I will explore. It's different from all the other band sites I've seen.You two are complementary onstage and the music reflects that resoundingly."R MacKinnon,

''...their [Midge's] sound is textural, atmospheric indie-rock..... evoking sounds of american landscapes, lisa mick touches on the mysteries of love and loss with just the right amount of edge, purity of thought, and humor: "He said 'Romantic poetry was fine in antiquity/ But today such intensity is called instability...' " from [the song] Something to Cry For.... "Lisa Cerbone, singer-songwriter

" Lisa Mick writes and sings songs of intelligence and passion. Thoughts & words & a voice: tender & strong & funny & solemn & smart & sexy. Midge is original and their music is great. ..." Assponys


Your howdydo HERE, please! Email is optional, & no need 2 sign up or make up password. Also,Your Parole Officer called & said you should sign it. I'm mostly hoping the Queen will stop by again. I've been smitten ever since she knighted me. That Broad knows how to handle a sword!

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I'm not sure if this is my thought or not. It may've just gotten stuck to my other thought bubble. The FONT looks weird. But it is sort of Holidayish, & I wanted to say JINGLE BELLS! For Christmas/Hanukkah all I really want isYOUR happiness (& for you to resist my deliciousness). Warm holiday Fuzzies! XO Cheers!!Update! 8-09 Happy Belated 4th of July!

WASHINGTON POST Best Bets"A Fusion of Sound:Midge, a musical group composed of Lisa Mick and Paul Grden, performs its fusion of atmospheric rock, folk, jazz, alt-country and indie-lounge through original songs and covers."

MIDGE jars! the indoor house at the Bourbon Street Anti-fest. City Paper “At 4:30, the Ottobar started hosting music indoors as well as out, beginning with Midge, a two-guitar duo that played low-key country-style music with the occasional use of a drum machine. The quiet darkness of the bar, and the softer sounds of their indoor acoustic and jazz provided a welcome, if jarring, contrast to the bright sunlight and loud rock of the outdoor stage….”(Yes, Midge used to use a drum-machine. Sometimes I miss ol' drummy...)

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You heard he met his perfect matchSomeone hard & dark & sharpA perfect prizeWith perfect blank admiring eyesBehind a smile that grins & winsContradicting her soft skinShe is in fact The Perfect Match The perfect match for himThe Perfect SharkFIN

"Midge.... wry and girlish.... I like it!!!!!!!" Georgia Avenue

LOOK!!: Lifestyles of the rich and famous meets Midge!

"Midge's music is a moody & unique blend of folk, rock, jazz, lounge, with lyrics that are sly & moving."W. King, filmmaker, writer, critic


THIS JUST IN: Professional Wisdom from Carson's Daily Show (I think it was either one of the Jonas Brothers or one of the Jason Brothers): "You can't believe all the hype about your band." Thanks Jason & Carson: "We don't!"

"Midge is smoky, jazzy, personal new music by a unique duo."ND Cafe

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Too Much

Atlantic City


Something to Cry For

LIVE 2004